TRON SOURCE: “The #TronStorm movement won’t be the last you see of ‘influencer’ engagement from us…”

The ‘Tron Storm’ initiative, funneled through GoSeedIt, has made more than a public relations impact within the Tron community. It has found itself all over social media, on the pages of global publications, but most importantly – it has grabbed the attention of Tron executives who are planning to capitalize on the visibility. But first…

A refresher of where ‘Tron Storm’ came from and how it was used to engage Oprah, The Pope, Kanye West, etc via tipping $TRX via GoSeedIt on social media platforms across the globe.

The Tron community itself is tipping $TRX to other Community members including prominent celebrities and global personalities on Twitter. By doing so, the Tron community introduced them to the world of $TRX and its plans to decentralize creative content as well. This is particularly a strategic way of getting the word out to music artists given the fact that they only get 12% of the revenue their content generates. With the Tron Network, the future could be one that they take home 50% or more of the revenue generated from their content.

So it would make sense for these artists to pay some attention to the movement. The potential to earn 4x what they currently get paid on creative content has opened a few eyes.

Now back to what we’ve heard from two Tron sources about the impact the organic ‘Tron Storm’ movement has meant to them and how they are considering capitalizing on it.

One source had this to say: “We were blown away by the community nature of the movement and how fiercely loyal Tron community members are even in a period where the financial performance of $TRX has struggled along with the larger crypto markets. It is a massive credit to the culture around Tron and we are planning on adding fuel to their fire/passion. Without giving away details you can expect our team to further attempt to develop relationships with global influencers and brands. The way that we look at it, what is the downside? We will make all sorts of attempts and all that can occur is that they say ‘no thanks’? The Tron community has shown us that even those attempts are worth the effort and value driven by the attention drawn to the substantive work being done on our network, with BitTorrent, TVM, etc.”

Another source within the Tron ranks said the following: “No reason for us to follow up on what the community did FOR US. Not all the best ideas come from the minds and meetings of executives here. We know an opportunity when we see it and this is one of them. We are working on more ‘visible’ partnerships and deeper and larger sponsorships and can be a part of our overall message. Is there one way we’d describe the Tron Storm here? We’d just say ‘thank you’ to the whole Tron community.”

The Tron Strom may not have had a meaningful impact on the price of $TRX over the past week or so, at the moment of writing, Tron is the 11th most important virtual currency with a market capitalization of $1.39 billion dollars. Each TRX can be bought for $0.02 dollars. So, no, ‘Tron Storm’ didn’t create some sort of immediate financial benefit.

But Tron community members will tell you that their focus remains on the bigger picture. The scale and network connected to every initiative being pursued by Justin Sun and his team. BitTorrent, TVM, the Tron network, etc, etc, etc.

And if you needed any further proof that ‘Tron Storm’ was seen as a success by the Tron team, Justin Sun seemed to believe in its value: