TRON AND ALIBABA: Tron Team Assists As Alibaba ‘Working Group’ Is Planning A Crypto Exchange

Speaking to several sources at Tron and Alibaba – as we do on a regular basis – a theme began to take shape earlier this week. Given the importance of this news and the impact we believe it would make, we spent considerable time chasing it down and seeking ‘higher ground’ with our sources. Yesterday afternoon we did just that and solidified the details of the initiative that teams at Alibaba and Tron have been collaborating on over the past three months – a crypto exchange of significant scale.

**a quick word about our sources here – and it will be quick – if we were to reveal our specific Alibaba source this article would immediately be unassailable. But we have promised anonymity and will honor that request. Needless to say, we feel strongly about this report.**

Tron is assisting Alibaba as it considers bringing a cryptocurrency exchange of scale to their vast ecosystem and ‘financial’ infrastructure. Two teams at both firms have been ‘sharing notes’ on what would amount to best practices based on the work of other well-known exchanges that currently make up the crypto ecosystem landscape (think Binance, Coinbase, etc).

Our source at Alibaba said the following:

“We’ve had months worth of conversations and what could be classified as ‘planning’ on this. Justin and his executive group have done great work building their own digital asset infrastructure, with BitTorrent etc…and we are of the mindset that they can add as we continue to consider adding this type of product (crypto exchange) and offer if to our community of scale. To answer directly, yes, we have been working on this for some time (crypto exchange).”

Two Tron sources chimed in once we had developed sourcing at Alibaba, confirming the same:

“We’ve had a back-channel relationship with Alibaba since our inception and they’ve consulted with us on several different crypto related concerns. A crypto exchange has been one of those projects and we’ve been involved for months on it. They are serious about it and it would make sense given the other financial products in their pipeline. One thing we don’t know is whether or not it would be a project they fund indirectly under different branding or keep it in-house. That is still an open question. Still, there are teams working on this with Alibaba.”

The next few questions we asked may have been the most important and they were answered with the caveat to not be quoted. So we have to tread somewhat lightly here.

Alibaba is very, very aware of the jungle that is China and cryptocurrency regulation. They are working with the government there to stay ahead of whatever Chinese leadership goes with further decisions on the crypto space. They are, though, confident of this one thing, any sort of ban on cryptocurrencies is nothing but a smoke screen. China has heavily invested in mining and specific investments in crypto, off the books. Alibaba would not be this far down the road without a ‘firm belief’ that China authorities would allow them to make a move like this.

So to sum up: Tron and Alibaba are working together on an initiative that is focused on a crypto exchange. Our sources are ‘of significance’ at Alibaba. Alibaba feels good about how Chinese authorities would treat a crypto exchange directly or indirectly produced by Alibaba. Carry on.