Roger Ver Plays ‘Remarkable Idiot’ In Crypto Circus

Roger Ver remains committed to shilling Bitcoin Cash. This is not news. What is news is his never-ending ability to say something remarkably stupid about Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Never a dull moment with Roger and his carefully curated (read: purchased) media entities.

It is well publicized that Roger uses different media schemes to pass off Bitcoin Cash as Bitcoin and lure in unsuspecting noobs (although there are fewer and fewer of those as the bear market rages) into his tribe. Whether it is or the Bitcoin twitter account or even the Bitcoin Reddit space – Roger has purchased and uses them all to sell lies and propaganda.

And that continued earlier this week…

On 28th June, Roger tweeted:

“If you think BTC with its full block, high fee policy will be able to maintain market share, you are mistaken. It won’t, and it is time to move on to other things. #BitcoinCash #Ethereum #Dash #Monero #Zcash #Zcoin #cryptocurrency.”

Along with the tweet, Ver posted an image that indicates the TPS of BTC:

Roger has been desperately trying to sell the ‘big block, high fee’ story for the last year, but nobody is listening. Well…unless you count fake meetups and photo ops in Asia, maybe they care a little bit.

And as we hear it Roger is willing to use intimidation to get his point across. Legal, financial, and even physical intimidation. Talking to two different sources who have been the target of Roger’s specific type of ‘brand management’ they confirmed these tactics:

“We challenged him several times in 2015 and 2016 with respect to a few of his well-publicized endorsements. He threatened legal action, sent cease and desist orders, and used back channels to make impromptu visits to our offices bearing strange messages and cryptic threats. I have a family and this type of stuff scared the shit out of me, so we just stopped any and all engagement with Roger. It wasn’t worth the potential consequences.”

Another source almost parroted the above comments:

“Roger is willing to go to scary lengths to silence his detractors, and he has the means to do so. I was visited at my home (I have a wife and two daughters) on a Friday night to deliver legal paperwork that scared my wife to death. And the visitors remained across the street in their car until the next morning. A sleepless night I will never forget – all over a Bitcoin Reddit argument. If you cross Roger in a way that he believes is unforgivable, you will hear from him.”

And that sort of sums up Roger Ver’s place in the crypto ecosystem. A remarkable idiot who uses the type of scare tactics, lies, smoke and mirrors, intimidation, and a media operation to build what, exactly? Bitcoin cash.

Is it really worth it all? We’ve written before about the genuine opportunity Roger had (not ‘has’, that time has since past) to be a founding father of Bitcoin and the crypto movement, but he chose to take the ‘dark path’.

Now, he is nothing more than a well-financed shill using parlor tricks and nuanced language to build an essential fork of Bitcoin.