Really?! It Looks Like Justin Sun Has Been Buying Twitter Likes And Retweets

This is weird. And it also looks legit. In several screenshots sent to us by a plethora of Twitter users, the numbers connected to retweets and likes on Justin Sun’s Twitter account show a clear pattern.

If you know anything about purchasing followers on twitter (a big no-no amongst the crypto Illuminati), then you probably also know that you can purchase engagement stats as well. The same companies that will sell you followers (bots and fake accounts) will do the same for your engagement stats for any tweet you’d like.

Now, if you’d like to somewhat mask this tactic and paid for engagement you have to purchase both likes and retweets. And if you do this consistently you are probably going to get away with it. But if you choose to only buy one or the other, the engagement stats will schew heavily one way or the other and you’ll get caught.

Especially if you are a famous account connected to a top 25 market cap cryptocurrency. Enter Justin Sun’s twitter account and the following screenshots:

Let’s take a step back for a moment. Is it possible that some sort of magical hacker got into Justin Sun’s personal twitter account and purchased only retweets to make him look bad? Yes, that is a possibility. But an enormous long shot that we find incredibly improbable.

Take a look at previous tweets with ‘balanced’ engagement. Spotting a trend here? See below:

We’ve lauded the marketing abilities and leadership of Justin Sun on these pages. We’ve even been accused on ‘pump and dump’ activities based on the ‘irrational exuberance’ of some of our articles. Justin and his team do a phenomenal job of staying in the news and making weekly announcements attached to $TRX.

But this one looks and feels like a bit of a black eye. Several days ago each tweet received nearly identical engagement stats. Now, the retweets significantly outweigh the likes. If you know anything about Twitter,  that isn’t how organic engagement works out.

Decide for yourself, but this one just doesn’t smell right.