FORTNITE AND MONERO: CRYPTO GAMING: Crypto Comes To Gaming Via Monero Partnership With World’s Largest Gaming Franchise

In a headline-making post on January 1st the online store connected to Fortnite announced an ‘exclusive’ crypto partnership with privacy token Monero. The news has washed over the crypto ecosystem quickly and brought new eyeballs to the space – just as the calendar turns to 2019.

Via Coin Telegraph:

“Fortnite is an online video game released in July 2017 and developed by Epic Games, which reportedly accounts for more than 125 million players worldwide. In October 2018, Epic Games was valued at over $15 billion in its latest funding round.”

“Retail Row supports crypto payments service GloBee, which allows retailers to accept cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Ripple (XRP), while XMR is the only digital currency supported by the store. Customers can also make payments with a range of conventional methods including credit cards and PayPal.”

The most important detail lies in the ‘exclusive’ portion of the announcement connected to Fortnite. That is a really, really big deal. These are the kind of ‘use case’ announcement that could propel crypto back into the spotlight as an attempt to leave the bear market of 2018 in its wake.

Introducing crypto to 125 million die hard Fortnite fans is certainly a good start. What will follow is whether or not Monero finds significant usage amongst a percentage of those users/gamers. If so it makes a compelling case for token usage in the gaming space.

Either way, kudos to the Monero team for striking the deal, and Epic Games for instituting forward thinking with its core audience.