CRYPTIC: Tron Sources Giddy, Yet Careful About Upcoming Partnership Announcement

The conversations we’ve had with two Tron sources about the announcement coming on July 30th have been interesting, hyperbolic, and confusing all at the same time.

The conversations started yesterday evening and spilled over into today regarding the upcoming announcement slated for July 30th. You may remember that Justin Sun has pegged that particular date as an important moment with respect to Tron’s post – Mainnet momentum as a household name in crypto and as a useable ecosystem.

A few quotes with two sources who spoke to us on the condition of anonymity and on background yesterday and today:

“We’ve seen the backlash associated with adding too many adjectives to a partnership or announcement and we want to avoid that here…but this is going to be something that opens a few eyes and may bring some skeptics onto the Tron bandwagon. The announcement itself isn’t just a dog and pony show with one vendor popping out of a cake at the end of it; but rather a combination of sorts that should make clear how quickly things are coalescing around here. I know you’ve asked several times for names but we just can’t give that out right now. If I disclosed a name or names, it would be pretty easy to track back to me, so I just can’t do it. Sorry to be cryptic (laughter), but the conglomerate of what will be announced in three weeks is going to have an impact. That is all I can say.”

A second source took a little bit different angle:

“This isn’t just another partnership announcement of where $TRX is accepted as currency, although that is sure to come up, but rather a larger initiative that could bring several forces and projects together like the finishing of a puzzle. We’ve been somewhat sworn to secrecy so I cannot add too much more, but we expect the July 30 discussion to be ‘bullish’ for $TRX. All you really have to do is look at the last six months of activity and announcements and do a little math as to where this could go. Again, the packaging will be something that gets talked about as impressive. One thing I would mention here, this is not an Alibaba announcement, as has been speculated. At least not from a pure play payment standpoint. Although it could be, emphasis on ‘could be’ here, part of an overall package that is laid out. And that is the gist of what could be part of July 30th. A 360-degree proclamation that announces several items, all set to work together and bring more partners to the table. The final word from me is this – just don’t miss it. It is going to be something.”

We have yet to decode the different messages being sent here. There are huge corporations in China and Asia that could be part of this narrative and potential Tron partners. Are those part of the discussion July 30th? We don’t think that it is just another partnership like that. It feels somewhat bigger than that.

One important element that we do believe will be featured is the purchase of BitTorrent and how it could launch into partnerships based on the scale of it platform. Use cases connected to payments and Mainnet functionality. The upside being potentially endless. We are certain that something along those lines will be discussed on the 30th.

Where it goes from there seems to have Tron insiders tongue tied. They know, they just don’t want to give away the surprise!