BITCOIN BOSS: NOVOGRATZ: Take A Look At The Crypto Investments Made By The ‘Buffet of Bitcoin’ Over The Last Year

Michael Novogratz is quickly becoming the ‘Oracle of Bitcoin’; to borrow a phrase from traditional finance and the worlds most successful investor, Warren Buffet. It seems that wherever and to whoever Novogratz floats his ‘pixie dust’ (aka crypto venture capital) the masses are sure to not only take notice but quickly deem the investment a crypto move of genius proportions.

But those masses aren’t wrong, and Michael Novogratz has found himself on the right side of the digital assets ledger time and time again. For reference, let’s take a look at the investment he’s made in just the past six months:

  1. The just-announced increased investment in his own firm Galaxy Digital.
  2. A partnership with his firm, Galaxy Digital, and Fidelity Digital Assets is announced.
  3. A strategic investment in Hut 8 Mining.
  4. A strategic investment in Bakkt.
  5. An investment in BlockFi, a lending facility for digital assets.
  6. An equity position in Caspian, a digital asset management solution.
  7. A strategic investment in Wax Express Trade, a digital gaming payment/trading system.
  8. An investment in High Fidelity, a VR blockchain project.
  9. A ‘lead investor’ equity stake in Alpha Point.
  10. Partnering with Bloomberg to create the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index (BCGI).
  11. A co-investment with Goldman Sachs in custody service BitGo.

And we are almost certain there are more that haven’t been announced – and we probably even missed a couple. But the above list is remarkable and proves the ‘Buffet of Bitcoin’ moniker. When Michael Novogratz talks about crypto, digital assets, blockchain, use cases, or any other such crypto ecosystem buzz phrase you need to listen – and listen intently.

**Most of you reading this are acutely aware of Novogratz’s crypto prowess, but may not know his traditional finance history equally as well. So some crib notes regarding his work up to this point: Michael Novogratz is an ex-hedge fund manager, formerly of the investment firm Fortress Investment Group. Prior to joining Fortress, he was a partner at Goldman Sachs where he spent much time abroad including leadership roles in Asia and Latin America.**

Goldman, Fortress, and now quite possibly the most powerful financial firm in crypto, Galaxy Digital. That is a resume’ that commands respect, even with the circumstances that surrounded his exits from both Fortress and Goldman. Exits that were predicated on risk-taking that now serves Galaxy Digital perfectly.

This quote from the Bloomberg BitGo announcement yesterday adequately describes the direction and strategic thinking (common sense thinking) behind most of Galaxy Digital and Michael Novogratz’ investments:

“If you were investing in any other asset class, you’re probably not worried about the asset just disappearing — but this one, people still have that fear,” Mike Belshe, BitGo’s co-founder and chief executive officer, said in an interview. For cryptocurrencies to reach their full potential, “we’ve got to conquer that.”

Problem-solving, married to the concepts pressing digital assets forward are what make up Novogratz’ investment philosophy – at least that is what the above investment roster indicates. Custody, data, trading platforms, warehouse facilities, mining – these are all digital versions of another ‘Oracle’ (Warren Buffet) who’s made a few bucks over the years. Infrastructure and hard assets, so to speak.

In crypto, it is becoming increasingly clear that the concept of following the money will eventually pay off big. Galaxy Digital and Michael Novogratz are leaving breadcrumbs all over the digital assets trail, and you’d do well to chase them, picking up every crumb along the way.