Binance Adds DENT Coin; DENT Market Cap More Than Doubles

Binance announced the listing of DENT coin. DENT coin is one of the lesser-known coins of the crypto-world. Irrespective of it being less popular the coin hiked post its listing on Binance.

Binance on their official website said: “Binance will open trading for DENT/BTC and DENT/ETH trading pairs at 2018/07/06 7:00 AM (UTC). You can start depositing DENT now.”

Binance allows its users to trade DENT in two trading pairs of DENT/BTC and DENT/ETH.

DENT started the day with muted price action – but the announcement changed all of that. The coin maintained a straight line in its charts with minor fluctuations until the announcement. After the announcement, the coin slowly started proceeding towards the hike. Under 9 hours after the announcement, the coin shows a pump of 148% in the 24 hours chart while the hourly cap runs green with a 35% hike.

On July 5th, the market cap of DENT was $37,663,900 which has increased to $86,123,075 as of this AM. This portrays an increment of $48,459,175, having doubled under 12 hours.

DENT coin is an initiative by DENT Wireless Limited. The coin was created with an idea of repurposing data, and the way it is stored, paid and sold. DENT is aimed to be the world’s first mobile data cryptocurrency as the DENT developers hope to transfer coin operations to a new platform of mobile usage. This would be a disruptor in the global telecommunications industry since its goal is to bring in a revolution to the methods of exchanging data.

At the time of writing, DENT has a market cap of $84 million, which is equivalent to the value of 12,899 Bitcoin [BTC]. The coin has a trading price of $0.007984, which has increased from $0.003004 in 24 hours. DENT has jumped over 30 ranks, currently making its position to #103.